Astral Shipwright is now available!

It's been two years in the making, and you can get it today.

Astral Shipwright will get additional updates throughout the next few months - make sure to write on the forums which content you'd like to see!

Release notes


Astral Shipwright is an Unreal Engine 5 title that comes with all the bells and whistles. From the millions of triangles rendered through Nanite, to the new Lumen lighting technology, to the new TSR upscaling anti-aliasing... There are many new things to try here.

The following settings are known to have a drastic impact on performance:

  • Screen Percentage is a very powerful and easy way to increase performance at a minor quality cost by setting it to values between 50% and 100%. It can also be set to values above 100%, though performance will largely suffer.
  • Lumen is an expensive lighting technology that should be toggled off if you are experimenting performance problems.
  • Virtual Shadow Maps allow much better shadow detail, but also cost a lot of frame time.
  • As usual, the main quality sliders are also an easy way to control quality.

On the other hand, Nanite should usually be left on as it has a minor performance impact.

Linux support

  • Linux support is currently untested. Please report to this guide if you have problems in order to fall back on Steam's Proton system, as the native Linux build is likely unstable.

Known issues

  • DLSS support is currently disabled and will be enabled pending an update from NVidia. That was the cost of moving to a bleeding-edge Unreal Engine 5 release which enabled Nanite support for spacecraft components.

Please report any bug you find on the bug tracker or on the Steam forums.



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