• Add DLSS supoport for Windows


  • Rename smelting resource to Metallurgical coke to clarify its role as a resource


  • Fix fast-forward exiting when more fast-forward time would be helpful
  • Fix mining system locking up after fast-forward
  • Fix various UI inconsistencies with resource processing



  • Add new Aracca station
  • Add specific impulse display to the engine selection
  • Erebus engine now weights 5 T, Fuji engine 20 T
  • Improved module group panel


  • Fix processing interrupted for every stack of produced resources
  • Fix mining rigs/processing modules interrupting fast forward immediately when used concurrently
  • Fix centrifuge compartment unable to support mining rigs
  • Fix some trading operations picking the wrong cargo slot



  • New Fuji engine
  • New Advanced thruster
  • New Large solar array
  • Updated Unreal Engine version with higher stability
  • Add option to disable motion blur


  • Fix anchoring while orbiting an asteroid
  • Fix crash in the module groups window


  • Balance power equipment to make batteries more meaningful
  • Fix crash in the module groups window
  • Fix ghost resources after some trades
  • Tentative fix for crash on bulk trading


  • Fix crash on opening module or equipment lists
  • Fix crash in operations


  • No longer prevent fast-forward while processing resources
  • Fix ghost resources clogging cargo slots
  • Fix crash when modifying spacecraft with an active processing system
  • Fix crash when opening the module groups panel
  • Fix spacecraft parts unlockable without money
  • Fix compartments that could be added on top of a mining rig
  • Fix centrifuge compartment not allowing mining rigs
  • Fix centrifuge compartments that showed pipes through the soft hull
  • Fix centrifuge module rotating a different compartment after swapping
  • Fix sensor showing up density with no sensor mast installed


  • Clarify crew hints
  • Clarify flight plan widget
  • Fix home menu clipping in 1080p and below
  • Fix various crashes


  • Fix ships not appearing on startup
  • Fix crash


  • Increase the variation range and detail of prices
  • Set the price update frequency to a fixed 15 days period
  • Add missing superfreighter AI ship template
  • Fix inverted A/Q keys in default bindings
  • Fix mouse drag breaking down below 20fps
  • Fix rare crash on click


  • Set the trading slider step to five tons (previously ten)
  • Fix crash while the module group panel is active


  • Fix various crashes

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